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Gardeners bring fresh enjoyment home and the world to bloom.

Working with us at the farm during the summer riding weeks and riding weekends

Holiday job and internship

July to September


We are looking for employees for our riding weekends and summer riding weeks.

We offer you a wide range of activities around horses and childcare. Your tasks will include helping the kids to choose the horses, saddling them up and accompanying them on the rides. It goes without saying that looking after our holiday children is important to you and that you are also up for a bit of fun. You are at least 16 years old and have experience with horses and are a good rider.

Pupils from equine schools, agricultural schools,
but also from other high schools who are looking for a holiday job with horses and childcare in July or August are very welcome.

If you are interested in an internship/co-work, please contact us.

Work with us


Internship & wwoofen at Wegwartehof

In the fields of::

  • Agriculture

  • Gardening

  • Horse farming


Do you love working with plants and being outdoors?

With an apprenticeship as a skilled worker in horticulture, you will become an expert in dealing with annual and perennial plants and know which plants are best suited to certain locations. You will get to know the organism of plants, learn to distinguish between them and to name them correctly. You will learn how to propagate plants and how to grow robust and healthy specimens. You will sow plants, separate them and cultivate them until they are marketed. You will help the plants to stay healthy by taking preventive or curative measures. Your work will take place in the foil tunnel, outdoors and in processing rooms. You will develop your practical skills every day by being involved in all the necessary work of the farm and by working independently.

The profession of a horticultural worker also offers a solid foundation for other green professions such as floristry or garden and green space design.

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