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As trained horse owners, we enjoy training and instructing our horses. Our mares are good-natured, reliable and motivated working horses who not only enjoy off-road riding, but who also work with endurance and energy when working in the herbs field.

In addition to our work with horses, we are experienced trainers in the fields of outdoor & adventure pedagogy and systemic NLP.

This also explains why the Wegwartehof adventure days with horses are so special.

If you have a heart for the natural handling of horses and would like to give them space, then you are in good hands at the Wegwartehof.

Horse riding at the Wegwartehof

Regardless of whether you are already firmly in the saddle or want to start horse riding (again),  you are exactly right with us. At the Wegwartehof you will experience the fascination of horses, learn the basics of body language, watch the herds and build a very special trust with these great animals.  We will pick you up from where you stand with your experience and accompany you through these shared spring days. Horse riding at the Wegwartehof means leading horses safely, giving help clearly and riding gently with us at the farm and in the beautiful countryside.

Children can check in the night before at 6 p.m.

On the riding days we meet at 8.30 a.m. for breakfast, in between there is lunch or a fine picnic in the area and the day ends between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. with dinner.

We cook Demeter and organically with a lot of heart.

If you would like to eat vegetarian meals,  please tell us when you register.


Equipment: riding helmet, sturdy shoes, comfortable weatherproof clothing that can get dirty, gloves. The Waldviertel is beautiful, but is also often rugged and cold - please consider this when choosing your clothes.



If you want to get involved in a horse adventure beyond arena riding and classic lessons, get to know yourself and your horse well and also experience the unique Waldviertel countryside, then treat yourself to a Wegwartehof happiness day.

€ 139



Enjoy the Waldviertel and our horses. Is there anything more beautiful?

This package includes horse activities, lunch and soft drinks.

Maximum 10 participants

€ 160



Enjoy the Waldviertel and our horses. Is there anything more beautiful?

This package includes horse activities, lunch and soft drinks.

Maximum 10 participants

€ 160



Enjoy the spring-like Waldviertel and our horses. Is there anything more beautiful?

The package includes horse activities, lunch and soft drinks.

Maximum 10 participants

€ 160


RIDING WEEKS for children and teenagers from 8 years


Week 1:    July 4th to July 10th ( fully booked )

Week 2:   July 11th to July 17th ( fully booked )

Week 3:   July 25th to July 31st  ( fully booked )

Week 4:   August 8th to August 14th

Week 5:   August 22rd to August 28th ( fully booked )

Week 6:   August 29th to September 4th ( fully booked )

For already booked out weeks we can take reservations and will contact you immediately if someone should cancel.

Price for a week including meals, accommodation and horse activities

Check in on Sunday at 6 p.m., pick up on Saturday at 9 a.m.


We are happy to pass on our joy in horses and riding.

That is why we organize several horse riding weeks every summer. The children and adolescents sleep in our mattress camp and in addition to two daily units on horseback, experience everything that belongs to a wonderful week of adventure. 

Grilling on the open campfire, swimming in the nearby forest pond, playing games together, creative design, pure farm life and much more shape these summer days. We attach great importance to the fact that we not only go horse riding but that we also make the character and nature of the horse and everything that comes with them, tangible. The relationship with the horse is of the highest priority. This also includes caring for the horses, mucking out, feeding and of course lots and lots of petting. It is especially fun to see the foals.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, everyone feels at home at the Wegwartehof. For us it is not about riding in a disciplined manner as disciplined as possible, but much rather we are working on a safe, joyful feeling on the horse. The wonderful rides over meadows, fields and forests in the area are particularly exciting.


Equipment: Riding clothes (cap, pants, gloves, sturdy shoes, crop) do not have to be the finest, we do a children's horse riding camp and not a fashion show. Sleeping bag or warm bedding, rainwear, warm clothes, swimsuits. 


Cellphone-free zone: The cellphone can stay at home and the laptop too. Enjoy time with the horses and your friends. You can make calls to your parents from our landline.

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