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Our Philosophy

A Bright Spot for a Liveable World

Moved by experiences in Latin America, the wish was formed to create a place here in Austria for raising awareness. A place which through its connection to the Earth would bear fruit. The economic basis of the farm is the production of contemporary food and its marketing. The personal contact with our customers, who benefit from quality products just as we do, is also an important concern of ours. Our aim is to be aware of our mutual responsibility towards each other and to act on this.


Our Vision

… is to create a liveable and loveable future with our way of farming. It is the simple idea of creating places of land for the future which act as acupuncture points for the healing of the Earth. We do this by mindful interaction with our soil, plants, animals, fellow human beings and with ourselves. Through the meticulous production and processing of our mare’s milk and herbs by hand, we create healing remedies, care products and food products of the highest quality. Whoever uses our products, can not only taste or enjoy their effects, but also receives the positive energy from every single step of its creation. We know that our work is only a small part but just as in acupuncture, the successful treatment of a single point can radiate out affecting the entire organism. In our work out in the fields we have the awareness that this work connects us with many, many people around the globe, who also work with the Earth and live from her fruits. It is our experience that many people from all over the planet are working towards better and fairer world. We feel connected with them.

A Good Life is Possible

We believe that our world needs many big and small initiatives to start a re-evaluation and transformation process. We consider that the current developments in politics, economy and society requires acts of civil courage. Good networks are needed in order to create sustained change.

From Trouble Spots to Bright Spots

Our farm is a lively network characterised by visions, people, deeds, coincidences, attempts, experiences, ...
The complex organism that is the Wegwartehof is interconnected with many regional and nationwide initiatives, such as Demeter Austria, Waldviertler Shoe Workshop, the Waldviertler Regional Currency, the Waldviertler Energy Group of Regulars, Attac, Greenpeace, WWOOF, FÖJ, FSJ and many more. Our farm should be like an acupuncture point for a healthy and liveable
world. The creation of sustainable cooperation is an important concern of ours. We are convinced that a successful cooperation from the bottom up, helps to further develop our world the Earth to be a more loveable and liveable place for people in the long run.

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