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Mare´s Milk Stud Farm | Herb Manufactory


The Wegwartehof

is a small, precious Demeter farm in the northern part of Austria. It is located
on a plateau in a huge and wild area on the northern edge of one of the most
beautiful nature reserves in Austria.
In Merkenbrechts, a small village close to Göpfritz/ Wild we cultivate about
14 hectares in a biodynamic way following the Demeter-Guidelines for more
than 20 years.
Our main focus is the production of mare’s milk and the cultivation of
medicinal herbs and spices. Some of our products are sold in their natural,
untreated state, while others are further refined into high quality products.
Such as the unique Wegwartehof care line, fine mare’s milk chocolate,
exquisite herbal teas, specially seasoned salt blends, refreshing syrups, as
well as seasonal specialities.
Our Philosophy


Fridays 9am-6pm

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by phone


Beauty and vitality are the two most outstanding attributes of horses. The
mares share these elements with us in the form of their wonderful milk.
Mare’s milk is ideal for internal and external use. The Wegwartehof is the only
Demeter certified mare’s milk stud in the whole of Austria. You will find
mare’s milk in its finest quality here.

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On the Wegwartehof fields a variety of herbs thrive in small areas which we
process by hand through many small steps into teas, herbal salt blends and
cosmetics. Very important is the correct preparation of the soil as well as the
use of organic biodynamic spraying compounds which give a special taste to
the herbs.


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Family Höritzauer

Merkenbrechts 1, 3800 Göpfritz an der Wild, Austria

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